Welcome to HostsDeal!

HostsDeal enables thousands of users worldwide to securely store their files and work with them in shared access. It is noted for unlimited data storage capacities due to a huge size of the HostsDeal servers. They are working on several gigabyte connection links.

HostsDeal has brought data storage at a whole new level by acting as a fastest and the most user-friendly service to keep files safely and work with them, either individually or together with friends.

About HostsDeal

HostsDeal offers its services for a big number of industries, and amongst them one can find it helpful in IT and ecommerce, marketing and advertising campaigns, and entertainment. The scope of HostsDeal operations has extended to numerous countries and markets, whereas HostsDeal offices are established in the US, Canada, Asia, South America and Europe. The service thus is presented in practically each part around the world.

Our customers worldwide seek for innovative, effective and result-driven solutions for their businesses, and HostsDeal is determined to meet their needs. Our products and services are delivered in compliance with international standards and developed due commonly recognized trends in business and technology. HostsDeal primary strategy is associated with diversity in both, provided solutions and global markets we are working in.

HostsDeal has achieved global leadership in development of innovative solutions and products, aimed to help users and businesses enhance their security online. Constant research of new markets and thus bringing in out-of-the-box product concepts allowed us to fulfill requirements of countless number of Customers worldwide. We provided them with an opportunity to establish long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with partners, colleagues and their customers. Its efficiency is based on ongoing efforts of HostsDeal to develop the best security software.