Welcome to HostsDeal!

HostsDeal enables thousands of users worldwide to securely store their files and work with them in shared access. It is noted for unlimited data storage capacities due to a huge size of the HostsDeal servers. They are working on several gigabyte connection links.

HostsDeal has brought data storage at a whole new level by acting as a fastest and the most user-friendly service to keep files safely and work with them, either individually or together with friends.

The service

HostsDeal is determined to bring in high quality solutions for its customers, as well as to provide their support at any moment. High performance of our services is an outcome of permanent research of up-to-date innovations and approach of HostsDeal specialists to adjusting them to customers' needs. In particular, we offer user-friendly, comprehensive and personalized tools, proved to be worthy of given credit and investments.

Customers' recognition is an evidence of service's efficiency and productivity. It is a mission of HostsDeal to establish long-term collaboration with every single customer that is a formula for success of both.